Excavator 360

Our Excavator 360 training comes with accreditation from NPORS or AITT and can include machine either below 10t machines or above and below 10t (all sizes).

360 Excavators (aka ‘Swing Shovels’) are widely used in the Construction, Utilities and Quarrying/Mining sectors for both earthmoving/excavation and lifting applications.

We are able to provide training for both of these, in addition to specific attachment training (e.g. pallet forks).

Training can be up to 10 days for a group of three novice candidates, but this can be reduced with relevant experience/training, or if there are fewer candidates attending the course.

Excavator training falls into two primary categories based on the size of the excavator used for the training/testing:

  1. Below 10t (using a machine under 10t)
  2. Above & below 10t (using a machine above 10t)

Both courses feature theoretical knowledge input and health & safety awareness; pre-use checks; excavation and/or lifting duties (these are two separate courses, but can be combined if required); backfilling and reinstatement (excavating); travelling on uneven terrain and slopes; changing buckets and/or attachments; use of quick hitches and more.


The National Plant Operator Registration Scheme (NPORS) is well regarded, particularly within the Construction and Utilities sectors.

NPORS offer the option of including the CSCS logo on their operator cards. However, these are valid for two years as a “trained operator“, during which time the operator is required to complete an NVQ to upgrade the card to a five-year “competent operator” card. This is comparable to the CPCS scheme.

NPORS also offer the “traditional” card, which can be renewed periodically without the need to complete NVQs, which can be expensive and time-consuming if you don’t have a specific requirement for them.

Training is also available through the Association of Industrial Truck Trainers (AITT) or as an in-house qualification.

These courses are still delivered by the same experienced trainers, to the high standards to which we hold ourselves. However, lower candidate registration fees and reduced administration costs mean that we can pass that saving on to you, so this is a great option if cost is a key consideration.

Course TypeWho is it suitable for?Duration
Experienced Worker Test (EWT)For very experienced candidates who are familiar with the theoretical knowledge and practical testing requirements, the EWT route is a cost-effective option, allowing a greater number of candidates to be tested in one day. This option does not allow for any refresher or remedial training, however.1 day
NoviceAimed at candidates with little or no previous experience on the machine, who have not previously attended formal training.5-10 days
ExperiencedThis course is aimed at delegates who have some prior experience. This may have been with formal training where experience has since been sporadic, or regular experience without any formal training.2-5 days
RefresherSuitable for candidates who have previously received formal training for the equipment and have since been using it on a regular or semi-regular basis.1 day
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