Trailer Towing

Our experienced instructors provide training for safe towing of trailers both with either light or heavy goods vehicles. This can also include training on loading and load security.

Our instructors have first hand experience of commercial towing, with both light vehicles (B+E) and Heavy Goods Vehicles/HGVs (C+E). This includes transporting containers, exhibition trailers, plant machinery, palletised goods and even mobile catering units!

The law now permits anyone who has passed a Category B (car / light vehicle) test to tow a trailer up to 3,500kg, without the need to take an additional test.

However, towing trailers introduces many risks both for the general safety of the driver and other road users, but also in relation to the security of loads being transported. It is, therefore, essential that drivers receive training to understand the risks involved, and avoid expensive and dangerous incidents through lack of knowledge and/or experience.

If you have a trailer or caravan and perhaps lack confidence in towing; would simply like to ensure that you are towing safely or feel that you could do with help with a particular aspect of towing, we can help!

Our trailer towing courses will cover:

  • Understanding legal requirements
  • Safety checks
  • Coupling
  • Safe loading (goods trailers)
  • Off-road manoeuvring, including reversing
  • On-road driving
  • Uncoupling

Towing at work

Whilst, legally, individuals do not have to obtain a separate licece for trailer towing, the law is very clear with regards to towing for work purposes.

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (HASAW) and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) explicitly outline the requirement for adequate training for all work equipment which has the potential to cause harm.

Failure to provide such training can lead to prosecutions, hefty fines and potentially custodial sentences, not to mention significant reputational damage, following an incident.

On completion of training, employers will be provided with an assessment report, in addition to a certificate confirming successful completion of the training for compliance purposes.


Course TypeWho is it suitable for?
NoviceAimed at candidates with little or no previous towing experience. This would typically be 1-2 days in duration, depending on the nature of the towing that the candidate will be doing post-training.
Experienced / RefresherThis course is aimed at delegates who have some prior experience, whether with or without prior training. Typically this will be from around 2 hours up to a day depending on the level of experience and the nature of the towing that the candidate will be doing post-training.


If you have any questions, or would like to book a course, contact us today!