Instructor Training

We are proud to provide NPORS, AITT and in-house instructor training either from our dedicated Plymouth facility, or at your location.

Looking for a career in training?

Lift truck and plant operators don’t just appear from thin air – they need qualified and experienced instructors to help them develop the core theoretical knowledge and practical skills before they can go on to gain experience within their chosen sector.

Plant & Logistics Training director, Sam, is qualified to deliver the NPORS T001 Instructor Training and AITT Instructor courses. These can be completed over 10 days (for novice instructors) or 3-5 days for candidates with existing teaching/training experience or qualifications.

What do our delegates say?

Excellent course, opens your eyes to how different organisations deliver training. Good, knowledgeable instructor with good insights.[The course tutor was] knowledgeable and straight to the point. [I enjoyed] seeing my confidence & knowledge grow throughout the course.The instruction for the duration was excellent. The instructors manner in delivering the lessons made you feel confident…throughout the course I was learning a lot more than I thought I would.
Charlie, College Tutor (Plant & Construction)Olly, Company Owner (Utilities)Neil, Venue Manager (Events)

Something that sets the NPORS instructor courses apart is that they can be based around the machine or category you’re most experienced with, including:

  • Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck
  • Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler
  • MEWPs
  • Lorry Loader
  • Excavator 360
  • Slinger/Signaller
  • Forward Tipping Dumper

AITT instructor courses are based on Counterbalance, Reach or Pivot Steer lift trucks.

Upcoming Instructor Courses:

NPORS Instructor Training

On the final day of your 10 or 5-day course, an NPORS examiner attends to conduct the instructor examinations consisting of a theory test, classroom and practical lesson delivery.

AITT Instructor Training

The AITT instructor courses do not centre around a final examination. Whilst candidates are required to pass three theory tests relating to instructional techniques, health & safety requirements and testing standards, practical performance is assessed by the tutor using a progressive marking system over the course of the 3/5/10 days.

Want to utilise your existing talent to train your own staff?

In addition to the NPORS & AITT instructor courses, we can also provide in-house instructor training. This will give your staff the skills required to provide non-accredited training to your existing and/or future workforce.

In-house training can be a particularly attractive option where there isn’t the need for a specific accreditation, or where the skills required are so specific that it’s a challenge to find a provider externally with the ability to deliver effective training.


If you have any questions, or would like to book a course, contact us today!