MEWP Boom & Vertical

Our MEWP training covers Boom and Vertical types and comes with accreditation from NPORS or AITT so you can be assured of a quality candidate experience.

MEWP training is available for all categories including Static, Mobile, Vertical and Boom type machines (1A, 1B, 3A & 3B).

Training is available through the National Plant Operator Registration Scheme (NPORS) and Association of Industrial Truck Trainers (AITT), or as an in-house qualification.

Up to four tests can be carried out per course, which can consist of any combination of candidates to machines. E.g. two candidates could be tested on two machine types, or four candidates on one machine type.

MEWP TypeVertical (A) machines allow the operator to be raised and lowered vertically.Boom (B) type machines will also slew (rotate) and feature extending and angle-adjustable jibs.
Static (1) machines cannot be driven/moved whilst they are in the elevated position.1A – Static Vertical1B – Static Boom
Mobile (3) machines can be manoeuvred around whilst the operator is elevated.3A – Mobile Vertical3B – Mobile Boom


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