FLT Safety Day 2022

19 Jun 2022

FLT Safety Day 2022 was set for 14 June. It is always an important date in the calendar for us – but this year was particularly so. The focus for 2022 was Operator Training, which is right up our street…

Instructor guiding a candidate on a fork lift truck.
Director and Instructor, Matt Brooks, giving a demonstration of the FLT

When Colin Boyce, Forklift Operations Manager for our valued clients Babcock International Group, invited us to take part in their safety event, we were delighted to accept!

For the event, we decided to run two interactive areas.

The first for trained operators where they could demonstrate their operating skill and efficiency The other for non-drivers to experience operating a Fork Lift Truck (FLT) for the first time, under the guidance of our expert instructors.

Instuctor introducing a non-driving female worker to the operation of a fork lift truck.
Instructor, Andy, giving candidates their very first FLT driving experience.

For the experienced drivers, this was an opportunity to demonstrate not both their FLT operating skills and their commitment to safety. Hopeful contestants were given a pre-determined task, which they performed under timed conditions. Time penalties were accrued for failure to follow safety standards, in line with the Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA) test requirements.

Forklift truck driver picking up a stacking crate from a marked area.
Competition entrant picks up a stackable crate in bid for success!

For those who were being introduced to a lift truck for the very first time, it gave the opportunity for them to experience what it was like behind the wheel. Some were staff responsible for arranging operator training, whilst others were based in procurement, logistics and a variety of other areas of the business.

Forklift truck instructor guiding a pupil through the use of hydraulic controls
Novice candidates were introduced both to driving the machine and operating the hydraulic controls.

The day was a great success, with plenty of people enjoying both activities, and lots of discussions generated around safety and the importance of operator training as one element of creating a safe working environment for all.

Stacked crates in a marked area bearing icons from the company logo.
Experienced operators stacked crates in a marked area and were required to navigate restrictions both with and without a load.